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Apulia has some amazing Tourism opportunities, our partner, Azienda Promozione Turistica della Provincia di Bari (Province of Bari Tourist Promotion Agency) has the following offers which you can take advantage of

 The Smartphone tour Guide Mr.Fogg helps the tourist in visiting the territory as an interactive support in a confortable, easy, practical and complete way.
It is a multilingual uptodated audio visual system, that offers precise information on the territory with the aid of road maps and pedestrian reserved zones to 
discover: Art, Culture, Religion, Nature with different personalized and/or predefined typologies of tourist routes and to 
live: Shopping, Free Time, Pubs, Restaurants, the main events list with precise time schedulings. 
Inside there is a database with the widest range of hotels, b & b, restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, entertainment and all the necessary information to make a conscious decision, to search by city, famous monuments, museums, parks, malls and other places of interest to always find what you need closer to your favourite destination.



Puglia city card: Is a tourist card fee with which tourists, thanks to the many agreements, can benefit from a range of rebates, discounts, promotions in every area of Apulia.

The initiatives described (along with marketing materials: distributor, brochures, stickers) are addressed to an audience interested in the product Apulia, and  will be varied and dynamic over the months.


Puglia Gift: It’s a travel idea to make a special gift, a coupon (including accommodation) to be used in the most beautiful places in Apulia.

Simply choose a proposal included in the catalogue, indicating the name of the destination and the dedication to the recipient (write your dedication or choose from archive).

The recipient will receive your personalized gift-coupon in an elegant envelope to be used within a maximum of one year.